Aid Stations

Water stations will serve water, Gatorade, and GU Energy Gel (assorted flavors, while supplies last). Gatorade and Gel will NOT be available at every station, so please plan accordingly.

The following items are available at Madtown Half water stations:
Water & Restrooms: All
Gatorade: Miles 3.3, 5.6, 8.4, 9.8, 11.4, 12.5, Finish Line
GU & Fruit: Mile 9.8 and Finish Line

The following items are available at Twilight 10K water stations:
Water: All
Gatorade: Mile 4.7
Restrooms: Mile 2.5 and Finish Line

The following items are available at Twilight 5K water stations:
Water: All
Restrooms: Finish Line

For those needing medical services:
There will be ambulances and medical personnel at the start line, finish line and along the course. If you need medical attention, find the nearest aid station, bearing in mind you may have just passed it. If you are not able to make it to an aid station by yourself, notify a volunteer, spectator or another runner to notify the nearest aid station of your location and condition. Aid stations will have the ability to contact the race's medical staff (roving on bicycles or in sag vehicles) to provide you with help.

Course Maps

Twilight 5K & 10K

Madtown Half


Fleet Feet Sports Madison & Sun Prairie is handling our Pace Team this year! 

1:40 Goal time (7:38 mile pace) - Andrew Porn and Brandon Feinen
1:50 Goal time (8:24 mile pace) - Peter Ditter and Micahel Suer
2:00 Goal time (9:10 mile pace) - April MacIntyre and Len Go
2:15 Goal time (10:18 mile pace) - Christian Borchardt and Emily Lundquist
2:30 Goal time (11:27 mile pace) - Jean Reiche and Susan Weikert
2:45 Goal time (12:35 mile pace) - Mary Moran
3:00 Goal time (13:43 mile pace) - Heather Jennings and Amy Borchardt