Aid Stations

Water stations will serve Premium Branded Waters, Gatorade, and GU Energy Gel (assorted flavors, while supplies last). Gatorade and GU Gel are first come-first served and will NOT be available at every station, so please plan accordingly.

***Important Race Day Update
Due to a shortage of volunteers, water station #1 needed to be cut. The first water station on course will be station #2, located at mile 2.5 on Observatory Drive***

The following items are available at Half Marathon water stations:
Nicolet Natural Water & Restrooms: All
Gatorade: Stations 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
GU: 6



The following items are available at the 5K water station (there is one water station on the 5K course):
Nicolet Natural Water and Gatorade


For those needing medical services:
There will be ambulances and medical personnel at the start line, finish line and along the course. If you need medical attention, find the nearest aid station, bearing in mind you may have just passed it. If you are not able to make it to an aid station by yourself, notify a volunteer, spectator or another runner to notify the nearest aid station of your location and condition. Aid stations will have the ability to contact the race's medical staff (roving on bicycles or in sag vehicles) to provide you with help.


The Pace Team will be provided by Fleet Feet Madison & Sun Prairie.  Six goal finish time groups will be offered with two pacers leading the group to finish at the target time.

  1. Group 1 – Goal Time 1:40 // 7:38 Min Mile
  2. Group 2 – Goal Time 1:50 // 8:24 Min Mile
  3. Group 3 – Goal Time 2:00 // 9:10 Min Mile
  4. Group 4 – Goal Time 2:15 // 10:18 Min Mile
  5. Group 5 – Goal Time 2:30 // 11:27 Min Mile
  6. Group 6 – Goal Time 2:45 // 12:35 Min Mile
  7. Back of the Pack - Nervous about finishing the race last? Well don't be! We have a special 'Pat's Back of the Pack' group of runners that are guaranteed to be the last participants to cross the finish line. The Back of the Pack will encourage all of our runners towards the finish line, regardless of pace!

On race day the six pace groups will be clearly labeled in the starting corrals. Once participants find the appropriate corral they will queue up for the start. All Pacers will be in the appropriate corral by 6:45 a.m.


Have you ever wondered what goes into being a pacer? Learn more about some of our pacers and why they love to 'pace'!

Meet Lisa

  1. Why do you pace races?
    • I like to help people reach their goals. I know how important a pacer can be to helping remove the mental barriers.
  2. Do you find pacing to be difficult? 
    • Yes, you have to stay on pace without constantly staring at your watch.
  3. What is the typical difference in time/min per mile of your race pace vs what you pace at? 
    • I like to pace :30-1:30 slower than my pace.
  4. What is the most common question you get at the expo or day of the race from the participants about to run with you? 
    • Usually it's the comment  “I hope I can keep up” I try to tell them that is my job, their job is to have fun.
  5. What is the worst weather you have had to pace in?
    • A rain storm in August started wet, ended crazy humid
  6. What is the advice you would give someone endurance racing for their first time? 
    • Embrace the process because you will come out as a better runner, but more importantly a better human.


Meet Dan

  1. Why do you pace races? 
    • It seemed like a good idea at the time and I want to pay it forward.  Pacer keep the pack going when the runners feel they have nothing left, but are set on chasing a goal.
  2. Do you find pacing to be difficult? 
    • Yes! Can't slow down, can't speed up.  Running a slower than typical marathon in freezing temps is brutal.  You also receive energy from your (pace'ees?) To help keep you going.  It’s a fair and unique tradeoff.
  3. Do you keep even splits or change pace based on the course? 
    • I prefer to keep it as even as possible.  Sometimes that means planning ahead to keep miles consistently faster to account for large hills.  *cough *cough Warner park into maple bluff.
  1. Do you give tips and tricks along the way, or do you pace only and let them experience their own race? 
    • I'll chat up my group.  Ill offer encouragement, a little heads up on sections to come.  Nothing new on raceway, but I'll say a reminder to fuel if you haven't, offer a GU or suggest where to find something.  I will also suggest not to answer any rhetorical questions have a conversation if they are used to talking while running. 
  2. What are some misconceptions of being a pace group leader? 
    • That we know what we are doing.  That we are in shape.  That we run a lot.
  3. What is the advice you would give someone endurance racing for their first time? 
    • Strength training is the bees’ knees.  At least it's a key for my survival.  Also, depending on distance nutrition and hydration are as important to dial in as the training.


Meet Jeff

  1. Why do you pace races?
    • This will be my first time, but I enjoy meeting people and seeing them accomplish their goals
  2. What is the typical difference in time/min per mile of your race pace vs what you pace at? 
    • I like to run at a 7:30/8:00 pace and otherwise I like to pace longer runs at a slower pace 8:30/9:00.  If I’m training for a race, I like to keep my pace a little faster.  I like to keep 80% of my runs are 8:30 or higher.   
  3. Do you give tips and tricks along the way, or do you pace only and let them experience their own race? 
    • I like to provide my experience, but more importantly be there for guidance and support during their journey
  4. What is the worst weather you have had to pace in? 
    • Hot Humid weather, wind
  5. What is the advice you would give someone endurance racing for their first time? 
    • Follow the plan, commit to the process.  There will be good and bad days, keep pushing regardless.  Listen to your body.
  6. Do you train differently to pace
    • I will likely use the pacing as a longer “recovery run”.  I’ll likely push during the week and shorter runs.

Course Maps

Course Maps provided by Murphy Desmond:

5K Course Map

Half Marathon Course Map

Combined Course Map