Madison Festivals Inc., enriches our community by bringing together people, businesses and charities.

Volunteers are a vital part of all of our events event. Madison Festivals provides financial compensation for those that volunteer at our events.

Qualified organizations should be a federal, state, local governments (including school districts) or 501(c)(3) organizations organized and operated for charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.

Interested in volunteering? Email us: volunteer@madisonfestivals.com

2022 Run Madtown Volunteer Opportunities

 Volunteer as an individual or as a group. Groups can earn funds for their non-profit organization.

  • Finish Line – Be a major part of the excitement and volunteer at the finish line! Awesome option for middle school and high school groups!! As long as an adult volunteer is present, youth as young as 11 yrs old may volunteer!
    7:00am – 11/11:30am, $40.50/person is donated to your charity
    • Medal handout
    • Bottled Water and Chocolate Milk Hand Out
    • Participant food line
    • Michelob Ultra Beer hand out, must be 18 yrs or older
  • Gear Check – Check-in/check-out participants gear while they are running the event. A great opportunity for an adult and teen/pre-teen to do together!
    6a-9am or 8:45a-11:45a, $27/person donated to your charity 
  • Bike Escorts – Bike escorts stay with the top three female/male finishers and/or in various parts within the race pack to ensure all is running smoothly. Must provide your own bike/helmet
    5K: 6:30a-9:30, $27/person donated to your charity
    Half: 6:30a – 11:30am, $45/person donated to charity 
  • Course Marshalls/Course Director – Volunteers are placed at critical points along the course (e.g. turns) and help direct runners to ensure they are running the correct direction. This is a perfect job for an adult and child to do together!! As long as one volunteer is an adult, any child over 6 yrs old may assist! 
    Shift times vary between 6:30am – 11:30am, $27-$45/person donated to your charity
  • On-Course Water/Aid Station – Ensure all the runners stay hydrated by handing out water/gatorade/fruit/GU Energy Gels. You are also a huge cheering section for runners. There are nine water stations along the route. Each station requires 10 volunteers, age requirements vary. Contact us to learn more about ‘owning a water station’
    Shift times vary between 6:00am – 11:0am, $300-$675/group donated to your charity

Interested in volunteering? Email us: volunteer@madisonfestivals.com